Chowt Premium: The All-In-One Poll Creator

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Get Time Series and Conversion Data

With Chowt Premium you get access to advanced data and reporting including the Time Series Conversion Dashboard which shows you how your polls are growing and converting over time. Here you can see when people vote so you can monitor the impact of your poll sharing, embedding and the overall viral lift you've created. The more informed you are as the poll creator, the more votes you'll be able to collect.

Analyze the Geographic Summary

People in different parts of the world have different opinions. That's why we've created the Voter Geographic Dashboard which shows you where people are voting, surfacing trends about opinions by geography. Do people in California feel differently than people in New York? This report will help you dig into the data on a granular level to analyze on a more micro level.

See How People Are Voting By Device

We all know mobile devices are taking over the world, so the Device Dashboard is meant to show you the percentage of votes you've collected on phones, desktop computers and tablet devices. If you share your poll on social you'd expect a higher percentage of mobile votes, and this report is intended to surface that information so you can stay informed about your voter's opinions by device.

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